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Happy Birthday, Logan!

Happy birthday to our sweet, funny, happy and cuddly boy. This time last year, you arrived on Mother’s Day andView full post »

Logan // Eleven Months

Almost to the big o-n-e, buddy. You are the best little boy and life with you is so much fun! We love you!View full post »

Logan // Ten Months

10 months old.. I can hardly believe it! I can also hardly believe that I thought Easter was this month and themed yourView full post »

Logan //Nine Months

To my little Valentine, happy nine months. I love you!View full post »

Logan // Eight Months

Happy eight months, my sweet darling!View full post »

Logan // Seven Months

Happy seven months, my mobile little man! I wish I could freeze time for a while, but at the same time I love watchingView full post »

Logan // Six Months

And just like that, you’re half a year old. What you lack in sleep, you make up for in sweetness. :) I love youView full post »

Logan // Five Months

Happy five months to you, Logan! You make life so great.View full post »

Logan // Four Months

Happy four months my sweet boy. I love being your mama!View full post »

Logan // Three Months

♫ I hope you don’t mind that I put down in words how wonderful life is while you’re in the world ♫View full post »

Logan // Two Months

Two months old! What a wild ride it’s already been. I love you forever (even if I do have to temporarily give upView full post »

Logan // One Month

You are one month old today, my sweet boy. I’ve never slept so little or loved someone so much.View full post »